Policy & Procedures

Welcome to EUREKA-TAXES!

These policy and and procedures outline the procedures of EUREKA-TAXES dba of HWFIELLC 's Website, located at https://www.eureka-taxes.com.

Clients: communication, advisory, and paperless


· Payment is due prior to any work beginning ·

· Estimates/ Quotes are in writing


Client Copies

· Client copy is furnished to client/ taxpayer on completion and is the responsibility of the taxpayer to retain the copy (not the tax office)

Free transcripts available @ Get Transcript | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)

Security Procedures

· All emails containing tax information from our office will be sent by an encrypted email

· We suggest clients send tax documents by a secure method (PASSWORD PROTECTED)

· Taxpayer and dependent (s) will be verified

We only accept emailed or texted documents. Paper documents can be breached/ lost/ damaged.

We do mail out as needed.

Communications Procedures

· Email and Text are our primary way of communicating (documentable)

· All calls and voicemails are transcribed / recorded for documentation purposes / MP3 audio return calls or reminders are sent by text. To be productive, offices need to protect your time.

· Office available from 9 am to 9 pm electronically Eastern Standard Time

Communication is key. Our firm communicates by email, text, and audio calls. We also send out electronic notices and reminders.


Tax agents/ officers take time off, all voicemails, emails, chats, etc. will be forwarded to your tax agent/ officer.

If your items are time sensitive another staff member will assist you.

Staff needs ample time to review and reply to any new information or request (5-7) days.

New client information and documents:

· Sign all e-documents

· Provide requested information

· Sign estimate/ quote approval

For any other information please email us at: EUREKA-TAXES/contact

or text (386) 600-4800